GRSJ Faculty

Associate Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Leonora (Nora) C Angeles is Associate Professor at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice and the School of Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia. She is also faculty research associate at the UBC Centre for Human Settlements where she has been involved in a number of applied research and capacity-building research projects in Brazil, Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries.

Director and Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Dr. Mary K. Bryson ( is Director & Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice and Professor, Language and Literacy Education, at the University of British Columbia. Dr Bryson is the principal investigator of the Cancer’s Margins project (CIHR) and author of multiple publications concerning the role of political marginalities, networked social media and information literacies in shaping access to cancer health knowledge and its mobilization.

Assistant Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Dr. Ayesha S. Chaudhry is Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies and Gender Studies in the Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies and the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at UBC.  Her research interests include Islamic law, Qur’anic exegesis, and feminist hermeneutics. She is the author of Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition: Ethics, Law and the Muslim Discourse on Gender (Oxford University Press).

Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Fellow of Royal Society of Canada

Sneja Gunew (FRSC) B.A. (Melbourne), M.A. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Newcastle, NSW) has taught in England, Australia and Canada. She has published widely on multicultural, postcolonial and feminist critical theory and is Professor of English and the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at UBC. She was Director of the Centre for Research in Women’s and Gender Studies (2002-7) and North American editor of Feminist Theory (Sage) 2006-10. She was Associate Principal of the College for Interdisciplinary Studies, UBC, 2008-11.

Associate Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Chair, Graduate Programs and Graduate Advisor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

I am most interested in gender, inequality and justice in relation to environment and development (from a feminist political ecology perspective), as well as intersections of gender, citizenship, narrative and state building. Projects include: state-led developmental and environmental change in Turkey (with focus on gender and ethnicity); everyday water access, narrative and and citizenship in Ghana and South Africa First Nations water governance in British Columbia; and discourses of reproduction in North American green politics.

12-month Lecturer, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Heather Latimer holds a PhD in English from Simon Fraser University. She was a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Manchester from 2010-2012, at the Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures. Her research and teaching focus on intersectional approaches to gender and sexuality studies, and on how reproductive politics connect to the gendered body and (trans)national politics.

Assistant Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

My research examines forms of social knowledge (public histories, academic theories / representations, legends, medical discourses), consequential within sensitive political and cultural contexts (settler colonialism, health & medical crises, tourism development, natural resource conflicts). Ethnographic research and community collaborations include work on: street drug use, violence and homelessness; place-making and memory; difference; stigmatization and women’s health ; aboriginal activism; and colonial processes.

Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Since 1995, Becki Ross has held a joint appointment in the Institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice and the Department of Sociology. She teaches and researches in the areas of the history of sexuality, ‘the family’, gender/queer relations, qualitative methods, anti-racist studies, and critical sport studies. Becki is the recipient of two teaching awards (2005 & 2008. She will serve as the Harry Lyman Hooker Fellow at McMaster University in September 2013.

Associate Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Deena Rymhs Ph.D. English (Queen’s University) holds a joint-appointment in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice and the Department of English at UBC. Her current research project examines space and issues of mobility in Indigenous writing and art. Dr. Rymhs has also published on Indigenous literature, prison narratives, Canadian literature, and life writing.

Lecturer, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice
GRSJ Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Dr. Kim Snowden is a 12-month Lecturer in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice and the Coordinated Arts Program. She received her PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies from UBC in 2007 and has taught at the Institute since 2004. Her primary fields of scholarship and teaching are cultural studies, literary studies, film studies, popular culture, and fairy tale studies. She is currently a GRSJ Academic Advisor for undergraduate students.

Instructor 1, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Chair, Undergraduate Program and Undergraduate Advisor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Chair, Critical Studies in Sexuality

Janice Stewart has a PhD from McGill University in English Literature. She teaches in the Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice program as well as in the Critical Studies in Sexuality program. Her interests include critical theory, gender theory, anti-racist work as well an interest in Modernist writers such as Virginia Woolf and Emily Carr.

Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Veronica Strong-Boag is a historian of Canada who has taught WMST 100 but more often teaches WMST 205 and 210 that focus on the diverse experiences of Canadian women from pre-contact to the present.

Associate Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Sunera Thobani is Associate Professor at the Institute for Gender,Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia,Canada. Her research focuses on critical race, postcolonial and feminist theory, globalization, citizenship, migration, Muslim women, the War on Terror, and media.

A list of Institute’s Faculty Associates across UBC  (alphabetical order)


Last Name First Name  Department Faculty Rank Email Address  Keywords 
Al-Kassim Dina English Arts Associate Modernism, Francophone North Africa, South Africa, Critical Theory, Psychoanalysis, postcolonial critique, literary & political appropriations of psychoanalysis, colonial law & manipulations of kinship structures, postcolonial Islam, feminist, gender & queer theory, fin-de-siècle culture
Anderson Scott  A. Philosophy Arts Assistant affirmative action, civil rights, domestic violence, employment, equity, feminism, human rights, inequality, law, pornography, prostitution, rape, sex, sex industry, sex work, sexual assault, sexual harassment, social policy, technology, women, gender, coercion, privacy, domination
Anderson K. Siwan Economics Arts Associate marriage, dowry, bride price, missing women, female savings groups, India, Kenya, female autonomy, Bangladesh
Arbel Daphna Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies Arts Professor women in sacred texts, early Jewish mysticism
Averill Gage Dean’s Office Arts Dean Ethnomusicology, Haitian music
Bloch Alexia Anthropology Arts Associate Consumers, diaspora, ethnicity, Europe, feminism, globalization, Marxism, mother, native, post-colonial, post-modern, prostitution, theory, transnational, victimization, Russia, Siberia, migration, Turkey, narratives, Moldova
Boschma Geertje Nursing Applied Science Associate mental health, nursing history, history of mental health (western Canada), oral history, gender and health, family and community responses to psychiatric care
Boyd Susan B. Faculty of Law Law Professor child custody; divorce; domestic violence; family law; family violence; fathers’ rights; feminism; gay marriage; lesbian; mother
Briggs Marlene  English Arts Assistant conflict, gender, memory, mourning, reconstruction, testimony, trauma, war, writing
Browne Annette Nursing Applied Science Professor  health and healthcare inequities, with a particular focus on health inequities affecting indigenous peoples
Brown Helen Nursing Applied Science Associate women’s health, maternal-infant health care and nursing practices, Aboriginal health, vulnerable populations, health inequities, structural context of health and health care, social determinants of maternal-infant health, critical theoretical perspectives, Indigenous knowledge, health care and nursing ethics, feminist participatory research, decolonizing knowledges, community-based research, critical hermeneutic methods, critical ethnography
Bryson Mary Language and Literacy Education Education Professor bioinformatics, knowledge mobilization, cancer health mobilities, new media studies, feminist theory, queer theory, critical qualitative methodologies, pedagogy;
Butterwick Shauna Educational Studies Education Associate adult education, women’s learning in government-funded programs, feminist approaches to labour market and job training policy, feminist approaches to social justice in education, feminist coalition politics, action research, welfare to work programs
Castricano Jodey Critical Studies, UBC-O Creative and Critical Studies Associate gender studies, queer, cultural and psychoanalytic theory, postcolonial studies, gothic studies (fiction, film), animal studies, humanities/digital technology, virtual reality
Chan  Jennifer Educational Studies Education Associate Asia, education, Europe, feminism, food, globalization, human rights, immigration, multicultural, pornography, post-colonial, post-modern, post-structuralist, reproductive rights, sexual harassment, social movement, transnational
Chapman Gwen Food, Nutrition and Health Land and Food Systems Professor women, food, health, body image, social construction of notions of healthy eating
Chapman  Mary English Arts Associate Suffrage, Sentimentality, Maternity, Feminism, Print Culture, Chinese-Canadians, Popular Culture, Theatricality, Hemispheric American Studies.
Chatzivasileiou Litsa GRSJ Arts Sessional Lecturer philosophical and ethical issues of gender, ethnicity, and sexuality, post-colonial studies, Hispanic and indigenous women’s writing (including autobiography and testimony), cultural studies on women, consumption, and corporeality.
Cheek Timothy Institute of Asian Research Professor Modern China, particularly China’s intellectuals and Chinese Communist Party history. Current projects include contemporary Chinese intellectuals and Chinese thought, writings of Mao Zedong (Yan’an period), and Chinese historiography.
Chun Jennifer Sociology Arts Associate Work and labour, development and globalization, race, class and gender, immigration and citizenship, political sociology, culture and inequality, Korean studies, social theory, ethnography, comparative historical methods
Clark Natalie Social Work Arts Instructor, tenure-track youth health, Indigenous health, and education
Claxton Dana Art, History, Visual Art, Theory Arts Assistant; film, video, photography, single and multi channel video installation and performance art;  beauty, the body, the socio-political and the spiritual.
Cole Peter Curriculum and Pedagogy Education Assistant Indigenous education; Aboriginalizing/indigenizing research methodology; orality; narrativity; environmental thought; Indigenous self-determination and self-governance; traditional Aboriginal and Indigenous technologies.
Condon Anne Computer Science Science Professor bioinformatics, design and analysis of algorithms, complexity theory
Cox Susan M. W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics School of Population & Public Health Associate qualitative research, narrative, arts-based methods of inquiry, sociology of health and illness, research ethics, social and ethical aspects of genetic testing, bioethics
Creese  Gillian Sociology Arts Professor social/feminist research methods, work and the economy, gender class and race, gender and society
Currie  Dawn Sociology Arts Professor feminist fieldwork, qualitative research, adolescent girls, school culture and the empowerment of girls
Dalziel  Pamela  English Arts Associate Victorian literature
Daniluk  Judith  ECPS Education Professor abortion, birth control, bisexuality, breastfeeding, bulimia, divorce, family planning, female genital mutilation, feminism, fertility, gay, gay marriage, health, homosexuality, infertility, lesbian, menopause, mother, parenting, pornography, pregnancy, prostitution, puberty, reproduction, sex, sexuality, women
Daum Robert Vancouver School of Theology/Green College VST Associate bible, Judaism, Talmud, talmudic, Midrash, gender, queer, sexuality, homosexuality, rabbis, rabbinic, halakhah, aggadah, synagogue, Leviticus, Torah, rape, prostitution
De Grandis  Rita French, Hispanic and Italian Studies Arts Professor 20th century Hispanic women writers
Dharamsi Shafik Family Practice Medicine Associate Healthcare needs of vulnerable populations, Determinants of health, ethical and socially considerate medical practice
Dixon  Joy History Arts Associate history; gender; sexuality; religion; science; culture; empire; queer; theology
Eswaran Mukesh Economics Arts Professor female autonomy, economic development, microeconomics
Fee  Margery English Arts Professor Canadian literature, comparative aboriginal literature, postcolonial theory
Frackman Kyle Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies (CENES) Arts Assistant 18th- to 20th-century German and Austrian literature, German and Nordic film, gender studies, feminist theory, queer theory, music history, cultural studies, German, Swedish, Finnish language
Frank Blye Dean’s Office Education Professor diversity, sociology of masculinity, boys’ and men’s health
Frelick  Nancy French, Hispanic and Italian Studies Arts Associate Auto/biography, Europe, feminism, feminist, post-colonial, post-modern, post-structuralist, sexuality, theory, women, writing, literature, literary theory & criticism, comparative literature, cultural studies, psychoanalysis, gender studies
French William (Bill) History Arts Associate Mexico, history, gender, courtship, life writing, culture, love letters, Latin American History, culture, visual culture
Frisby  Wendy School of Kinesiology Professor community development; poverty and women’s health; feminist participatory action research
Fuller  Sylvia Sociology Arts Associate understanding the relationships among changing employment relations, institutional and regulatory contexts, and patterns of inequality and economic insecurity (particularly as this relates to intersections of gender, class, ethnicity and citizenship).
Ghaziani  Amin Sociology Arts Assistant sexualities, social movements, culture, cities;
Gleason  Mona Educational Studies Education Professor body, children, education, family, health, history, infants, parenting, women, youth
Gorsuch Anne History Arts Professor Soviet Union, Europe, cultural history, cultural contact and exchange, tourism, youth, gender, consumption, Global 1960s
Grace  Sherrill English Arts Professor Auto/biography, Canadian drama, portraiture
Gurstein  Penny School of Community & Regional Planning Professor women and work, women and community planning and development, women and poverty, youth participation in planning, social construction of marginalization
Guy-Bray Stephen English Arts Professor Renaissance poetry, queer literary history and queer comparative literature
Hallensleben Markus CENES Arts Associate nineteenth- to twenty-first-century Austrian and German culture and literature; European avantgarde movements and aesthetics; images of the body in literature, art performances, and sciences; German-Jewish women authors
Hanser Amy Sociology Arts Associate consumption and inequality in China, culture and social change in Chinese marketplaces.
Hare Jan Language Literacy and Education Education Associate Adolescent Issues, Children and Youth, Cultural Studies, Early Childhood, First Nations education, Historical Perspectives, Literacy
Henry Annette  Language and Literacy Education Professor Black feminist thought, The epistemology, life histories and practices of Black female teachers, the academic achievement and learning of black students, especially of Caribbean heritage,Teaching and learning in multiracial/multilingual/multicultural settings, the applications of ethnographic and narrative methodologies in educational research, Transformative and critical pedagogies;Language, culture and identity; and Education in the Caribbean
Ho Anita W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics Associate bioethics, ethics, social/political philosophy, feminism, relational autonomy, disability, trust, gender-based violence, epistemic humility, family, decision-making, multiculturalism, health-care disparity
Hurd Clarke  Laura School of Kinesiology Associate ageism, body image, embodied experience, feminist research, health, non-surgical cosmetic procedures, older women, qualitative methods, sexuality, symbolic interactionism
Irwin  Rita Curriculum and Pedagogy Education Professor women artists, women art educators and women art education, the image of women in visual culture, gender analysis of organizations
Johnson Joy Nursing Applied Science Professor Gender and health, Health promotion and health behaviour change, Sex and gender issues in substance use and mental health
Johnson Shelly Social Work Arts Assistant Indigenous child well-being, trauma and education, political and community-based leadership, justice, advocacy and activism
Justice Daniel First Nations Studies Arts Associate Aboriginal Studies and Indigenous Native North American literatures, Cultural studies and literary history, and Speculative fiction
Karwowska Bozena Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies Arts Associate women in Russian and Polish literature and culture, Nazi concentration camps, body, sexuality, exile, women immigrants
Kazanjian  Arminee School of Population and Public Health Medicine Professor Women, health, health care, insurance, equity, ethnicity, international, work, workplace
Kelly  Deirdre  Educational Studies Education Professor social/feminist research methods, education
Kemple  Thomas Sociology Arts Professor class; Marxism; post-modern; queer; science; sexuality; standpoint; work
Kershaw  Paul Human Early Learning Partnership Associate social citizenship, social care, child care, class, day care, domestic workers, employment, family, father, feminism, feminist, government, income assistance, inequality, interdisciplinarity, intersectionality, masculinities, mother, politics, race, rights, responsibilities, social policy, social security, taxes, theory, welfare, women, work
Kornelsen Jude Co-Director, Centre for Rural Health Research Medicine Assistant maternity care, rural health, qualitative inquiry, health services research, childbirth, midwifery
Kreisel Deanna English Arts Associate Victorian literature and culture, concepts and configurations of interiority in the late Victorian and early Modernist period, focusing on architecture, psychology, comparative religion.  And contemporary film in particular Wes Anderson and David O. Russell.
Kuske Rachel Mathematics Science Professor Stochastic and nonlinear dynamics, mathematical modeling, asymptotics and semianalytic approximations, and mathematics in industry
Laffin Christina Asian Studies Arts Associate
Lai Larissa English Arts Assistant Canadian Literature, Critical Theory, Science Fiction, Post-colonialism, Globalization, Gender, Race,Sexuality, Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, Popular Science Writing, Student-Centered Learning,Pedagogies of the Oppressed
Lauster Nathanael Sociology Arts Associate demography, family, housing, life course, cultural change, sexual revolution, urban studies, environment, family formation, dramaturgical theory
Lee Chris English Arts Associate
Legault Marianne French – UBCO Creative and Critical Studies Associate early modern French, literature, lesbian studies, women’s literary production, history
Leggo  Carl Language & Literacy Education Education Professor education, writing/poetry/narrative
Loutzenheiser  Lisa  Curriculum and Pedagogy Education Associate multicultural, anti-racist curriculum and pedagogy, intersection of race, gender, class, sexuality in schooling, alternative education, foster care, curriculum theory, qualitative methods, social studies, gender/queer/theories, anthropology/social sciences of education
Mackie Gregory English Arts Assistant Victorian and Modernist Drama, especially Oscar Wilde; Print Culture and Book History; Literary Forgery; Nineteenth- and early Twentieth-century Architecture
Martin-Matthews Anne Sociology Arts Professor aging, caregiving, care work, health, social support, community-based health care, work-family balance, widowhood, intergenerational relations, aging in rural environments
Mawani Renisa Sociology Arts Associate empire, governmentality, biopolitics, nationalism, racism, affect, transnational history, law and space
McNeill Laurie English/Coordinated Arts Program Arts Instructor 1 auto/biography and genre studies
Metcalfe  Amy Educational Studies Education Associate  Research policy;
Mintzes Barbara Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics Medicine Assistant Pharmaceutical policy;
Myers Tamara History Arts Associate women’s and girls’ history, history of adolescence, juvenile delinquency, Quebec and Canada
Nason Dorothy English/FNSP Arts Assistant Indigenous feminism and literature
Newell  Dianne  History Arts Professor oral history, literary history, postwar science fiction, BC aboriginal women and work
O Donoghue Donal  Curriculum and Pedagogy Education Associate Art Education,Arts-Based Visual Research Methodologies, Curriculum Theory, and Masculinities
O’Neill Brian Social Work and Family Studies Arts Associate queer/gay, immigrants and refugees, institutional ethnography, health and social services, management
Oliffe John Nursing Applied Science Professor Gender, psychosocial health,
Orbaugh  Sharalyn Asian Studies Arts Professor women writers – Japan
Paris Leslie History Arts Associate Childhood and youth, girls, modern American history, 1970s, history of the family, popular culture, cultural history
Plessis Judith Continuing Studies auto/biography; education; Europe; feminism; feminist; film; theory; women; work; writing
Ponzetti James J. Social Work and Family Studies Arts Associate divorce, family, family planning, family violence, globalization, marriage, masculinities, parenting, religion, sex
Pratt Geraldine Geography Arts Professor feminist geography, labour, immigration, film
Prior Jerilynn Centre for Menstrual and Ovulation Research Medicine Professor behaviour, bias, birth control, breastfeeding, development, drugs, eating disorders, education, ethnicity, Europe, feminist, fertility, First Nations, health, health care, HIV & osteoporosis, hormone replacement therapy, international, medicine, menopause, Native, osteoporosis, peri-menopause, puberty, reproduction, rural, sports, testosterone, transgender, women, writing, youth
Pue Wesley Provost and Vice Principal UBC-O Professor Australia, curriculum, civil rights, education, equity, ethnicity, First Nations, history, human rights, law, masculinities, police, post-colonial
Raibmon Paige History Arts Associate Indigenous history, Northwest Coast, oral history, women’s life history, community health, environmental justice, relocation and mobility
Roman  Leslie Educational Studies Education Professor advocacy, antiracism / antiracist pedagogy, cultural studies, diaspora, disability, discourse / discourse analysis, education, equity, ethnicity, ethnography, feminism, feminist, girl, globalization, homelessness, human rights, immigration, inequality, institutional ethnography, Marxism / materialism, multicultural, feminist qualitative methods, politics, popular culture, pornography, post-colonialism, post-structuralist, race, standpoint, teenager, theory, women, youth
Ruitenberg Claudia Educational Studies Education Associate agonistic (i.e., conflict-oriented) conceptions of politics and democracy; ethics (including, but not limited to, Derrida’s ethics of hospitality); speech act theory and discursive performativity; philosophical research methods; questions of epistemological diversity in education; aesthetics and art education; gender and queer theory in education
Sarra Janis Faculty of Law Law Professor Corporate law and corporate finance, securities law and commercial insolvency law
Sensoy Ozlem Education Simon Fraser University Associate Professor Social justice education, critical pedagogy, cultural studies, Islam, Middle East, popular culture, feminist postcolonial theory, visual research methods
Shroff Farah School of Population and Public Health Medicine Adjunct Professor Social justice approaches to health; holistic mind-body practices; international health
Smye Victoria Nursing Applied Science Associate Aboriginal mental health, women’s mental health, qualitative inquiry, ethnography, health policy, inequities in access to mental health and addictions care, social justice, nursing
Stack Michelle Educational Studies Education Associate  children’s rights, disability, eating disorders, education, equity, First Nations, inequality, media, mental health, politics, social policy, theory, women, youth
Stewart Janice English/GRSJ Arts Lecturer critical theory, gender theory, anti-racist work as well an interest in Modernist writers such as Virginia Woolf and Emily Carr
Sundberg Juanita Geography Arts Associate Caribbean, civil rights, development, environment, equity, feminism, feminist, Hispanic, human rights, inequality, international, Latin America, Latina, post-colonial, post=structuralist, sexuality, social movement, theory, transnational, conservation, environmental justice, borders, nature, qualitative, methods
Talalay Rachel Theatre and Film Arts Assistant
Taubeneck Steven CENES Arts Associate comparative literature
Varcoe Colleen School of Nursing Applied Science Professor violence, women’s health, inequity, ethics, health policy, ethnography, critical theory, Aboriginal health, racism
Vertinsky Patricia Kinesiology Education Professor Social and cultural history of sport and physical activity: gender, race, aging and disability, Gender relations, health, sport and exercise. Social history of women and health. Social and cultural aspects of sport and physical activity. Health education, health promotion, health policy.
Walter  Pierre Educational Studies Education Associate Asia, development, economic development, education, environment, globalization, immigration, multicultural, rural, social movement, transnational, urban, women
Watson Scott Art History Arts Professor Contemporary art and issues, Art theory and criticism, 20th century art history, Curatorial and exhibition studies
Weir  Lorraine Department of English Arts Professor Critical theory; Indigenous literature; Indigenous epistemology; Socio-legal studies (Indigenous land title cases in B.C., oral history in the courtroom, expressive freedoms/censorship in Canada)
Wilson  Brian School of Kinesiology Education Professor cultural studies, subcultures, adolescent issues, gender, media, semiotics, text studies
Wong Sabrina Nursing Applied Science Associate health disparities/inequalities, health service delivery, immigrant and marginalized populations, primary health care,  mixed methods, survey design and analysis
Wright Handel  Educational Studies Education Professor Children and youth, Cultural studies, International and Comparative Education, Multiculturalism,Post-colonial studies Race/ethnicity, Research methodologies
Yodanis Carrie Sociology Arts Associate gender studies, family and intimate relationships, violence, inequality
Young Claire Faculty of Law Law Professor tax law and policy, sexuality and the law, feminist legal theory
Young Margot Faculty of Law Law Associate Equality law and theory, Social and Economic Rights, Comparative Constitutional Law, Social Welfare Law, Canadian Social Union
Yu Henry History Arts Associate Global Vancouver, trans-Pacific migration, Asian Canadian and Asian American history, race and immigration;


Post-Doctoral Fellow, SFU

Mr. Huai Bao, a.k.a. H. B. Dhawa, is an ABD Ph.D. candidate whose research focuses on the intersection between gender studies, performance studies and theatre.  He has published two books, several peer-reviewed and feature articles, and has written, produced and directed one full-length feature film. He is the recipient of numerous awards for creative writing and academic research, including the SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship.

Sessional Faculty, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Dr. Benita Bunjun is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Centre for the Study of Gender, Social Inequities, and Mental Health at Simon Fraser University. Her current Fellowship focuses on two specific projects: The Academic Well-Being of Racialized Students; and The Presence of Racialized Mauritian Health-care Practitioners at Riverview Hospital. Both projects strive to bring forth the marginal and omitted histories and lived experiences of racialized communities in Canada, a white-settler society.

Sessional Instructor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Litsa Chatzivasileiou has a PhD in Hispanic Studies with a specialization in feminist philosophy and cultural theory, in particular post-structuralism and post-colonial studies. She has worked as an assistant professor at the Hispanic Studies at the University of British Columbia and is currently teaching as a sessional instructor at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice.

Sessional Instructor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Dr. Douglas’ research and writing are interdisciplinary, drawing upon cultural studies, critical race and gender studies, post colonial and transnational feminist scholarship. Dr. Douglas has taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in both Canada and the US. Her areas of interest are diverse and include necropolitics: violence, everyday racism, and racialized misogyny, sport and the social production of blackness, anti-racist and feminist qualitative methodologies, equity and the academy, and race and the law.

Sessional Instructor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

I am a health sociologist and my research focuses on gender, women’s health and substance use.

Instructor 1, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Dr. Lori MacIntosh received her Ph.D. in the Sociology of Education in 2013. She has been teaching in the Faculty of Education since 2009, and in Critical Studies in Sexuality since 2011. Lori also serves as an academic advisor in UBC’s Doctor, Patient and Society (DPAS) Undergraduate Medical Program.  Her research interests include critical studies in gender and sexuality, queer theory, youth media studies, and the intersecting realms of social justice theory. 

Sessional Faculty

Currently, I am a Teaching Fellow at Quest University Canada in Squamish BC and will return to UBC to teach GRSJ 224 (924) Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice in Literature, which in the summer section, has a specific focus on “Health, Illness and Disability Narratives.” I have been an instructor with the Institute since 2011.

Sarah Rudrum is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice.  Her dissertation is an institutional ethnography of maternity care and childbirth in Amuru sub-county, northern Uganda.  Her research interests include health inequities; intersectionality (as an approach to methodology, theory, and policy); popular culture discourses of birth; and qualitative research.  Sarah holds an MA in Women’s Studies from York University and a BA in English from The University of Northern British Columbia.

Sessional Instructor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Chris Shelley, PhD received his doctorate in Women’s Studies and Gender Relations from UBC. He also holds a MPhil in Education, and a MA in Counselling Psychology.Chris is a sessional lecturer at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice, teaches occasionally for the graduate program in counselling psychology (CNPS) and is a volunteer faculty member on UBC’s Humanities 101 – a free university program – serving members of Vancouver’s downtown eastside and beyond.

My research interests focus on children and gender justice and spans both sociological and historical methods. I am committed to teaching history as an activist practice that can provide tools for working toward social change. I am delighted to be a Sessional Instructor with the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice.

Sessional Faculty, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Sessional Instructor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Almas Zakiuddin is working on the gender, race and class implications of Muslim religious leadership pertaining to men and women, with special reference to South Asia. In her doctoral dissertation ( she explores the discursive re-constitution of male Muslim imams, or congregational prayer leaders, within what she identifies as the “Imam Discourse” through a feminist, postcolonial case study of international development interventions in Bangladesh.

PhD Candidate

Joshua is a current PhD candidate in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice at the University of British Columbia. They completed their Master of Arts in Film Studies at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Theatre and Film.

MA Candidate

Chany Chea is a first-year MA student at UBC’s Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice. She holds a BA double major with distinction in Political Science and Pacific and Asian Studies from the University of Victoria.

Programs Assistant


Director, Communications & Community Liaison

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Administrative Manager

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